As a communicator and part of the Latino community of the Northwest I show my heritage through my paintings. I believe in and share in the world’s necessity of compassion, love, and environmental defense. I speak softly through my art, gentle and strong as a woman.My paintings are intimate, spiritual and feminine. My work is mainly connected with Pachamama, or Mother Nature.

We have in human history many different names for the Spirit of our planet, always manifesting as female because of her capacity to give and create life. We humans are unique among creatures because of our self-awareness. Sadly, many today are indifferent to our connections rooted with Mother Earth. Everything has roots, everything came from something and everything will become something else. We are the roots of what the future will bring. We are tangled in roots and dreams.

My reflections on my life caused me to identify with the lives of other women who struggle to change their world. All women are creators of life and change the world each in their own way. Many of my paintings are related to the lives of remarkable women in history that share a common trait that is significant. I am inspired by the profound courage of these women in the face of danger.

In a world dominated by men, any attempt to change the world for the better requires the inner strength found at the core of what makes a woman a warrior. It is my goal to be part of the collective conscience that we as a world be better served by focusing on peace as opposed to war, love as opposed to hate, and acceptance as opposed to fear. In a way, that makes me a warrior.