The Illustrator

Since ancient times, illustrations have accompanied, in their singular way, the diverse forms of transmitting ideas and knowledge. Thanks to their use, histories, stories, myths, legends, and traditions have been “narrated” graphically in such a way that we learn from our daily lives.

But (it must be remembered that) the passing written words into graphic form implies an intellectual preparation that occupies the totality of narration by the artist, who blessed with tools and maturity, achieves artistic synthesis in the best way possible through a series of concepts containing literal language, and transforming it into suitable graphics.
In this way illustrations embody not only (un)real events and facts, but also those which are creatively and imaginatively interpreted by the illustrator. In one way or another, the illustrator intellectually prepares for the work that is about to be created. (The illustrator takes upon herself), themes and concepts that provide the language, oral or written, and converts them into a graphic language that is understandable to a broad audience. They may be children, or adults who remember their childhood (as a substantial part of their lives); those who through appreciation of the illustrations discover the dialectical elements that establish sincere communication where narration turns into material fact.

Blanca Santander lives in Seattle WA.

She has a degree in Fine Art from The Catholic University of Peru.

In addition to Illustration, she paints, does printmaking and photography.

She finds that children are her most fascinating subject to photograph. “They are in constant movement and it’s a challenge to capture them”.

Also she says “when I’m around children I’m the happiest person in the world. They are enthusiastic, impulsive, curious and generous. Their sincerity, big hearts, and honesty feed me positive energy to recharge my batteries”

“My illustrations come from the child inside me”.

“When I start a project, the story is in my mind all the time, when I’m doing dishes, shopping for groceries, or taking a shower, the story swirls around in my head.”

“I do a lot of sketching until I’m happy with what I see. My imagination fills up with images and then my urge is great to put the ideas on paper.”

“When I star to color the illustration, the pile of laundry doesn’t exist, the sink full of dishes doesn’t exist, the world goes away, until I finish my project, and I feel great.”