Because I am from South America I guess that I have a slightly different take on traditions in celebration of my ancestors when compared to how my Mexican brothers and sisters celebrate the memories of their ancestors. In this new series of my work I made little boxes. In these boxes live the memories from my homeland, intimate memories, secrets, letters, and offerings that all focus on the lives of women. I choose women in past and present. Throughout history women have had to assume many different roles. As a mother or a warrior and sometimes a little of both, for me the recurring theme is that women must be strong and never give up. Though the past is filled with women taking a secondary role in the events that lead up to today, it is impossible to imagine what today would be like if not for the sacrifices made by others before us. Their burdens always were heavy as they strived for a better life for their children. They carried both pain and love. My approach in my work is simple to explain. I’m not pretending to do anything other than speak to you. My brush is a spike through my heart.